Living out of your car TWO WEEK CHALLENGE!

Here at Blabzone we want people to do something that they wouldn’t usually do and experience the different ways people live! SO, we have created the living out of your car two week challenge! We want everyone to go and do this!

Living out of your car two week challenge

Things you need

Before you begin you have to buy and gather the following:

  • A backseat car bed and / or $14 cheap tent to sleep in (you can sleep in your car or in the tent);
  • $20 camp cooker and 3 gas / butane for the cooker to cook;
  • Some basic cooking utensils, which includes – bowls, a mug, a cheap fry pan, a cheap saucepan, a cheap cutlery set (you can buy all this at your local Kmart or BigW or your local option for under $50 (AUD));
  • Some basic bed linen, a pillow and a sleeping bag;
  • Clothes and shoes to wear; and
  • Toiletries.

Some of these you might need to buy new and others you will already own.

What to do?

Take $200 (AUD), your car, your things listed above and go and live out of your car for two whole weeks! If you have any money left at the end of the two weeks you can donate that money to your local charity. The preferred charities are World Vision, The smith family, or Doctors Without Borders.


What you can and can’t do as part of the challenge:

  • You cannot spend more than $200 (AUD) in that two weeks and that has to cover your fuel, food, travelling expenses, and camping expenses;
  • You can stay only at paid or free camp sites, the bushland or sleep on the side of the road in your car anywhere in the world NOT in peoples driveways, yards, homes etc.;
  • During the day you can do whatever you wish, go to work, libraries, shopping, use the two weeks as a holiday etc, but at night you have to be sleeping in your car or tent next to your car, not go back to your home; and
  • AGAIN You can NOT stay in a house or sleep in your office or a friends place YOU MUST LIVE IN YOUR CAR!

Take photos and videos of you living out of your car and share them with friends, online, on YouTube etc. See if you can live off the $200 for the two weeks! It might be easy, it might be a challenge for those who have lots of money usually. You have to find new and exciting places to stay, to wash, to eat etc. As an example, you might want to go eat out sometimes, and use your camping cooker other times! You can do whatever providing you don’t spend more than the $200 (AUD) and you live in your car or the tent next to your car for the whole two weeks!

As part of your car living you might choose to park in a camp ground and pitch your cheap tent next to your car and sleep in it OR you might just pull over in a gas station or side of the road, the bush and sleep in your car. There are many options! Don’t go and just park in a friends yard and sleep in your car! Go and make this really hard and sleep somewhere new and different. If your working for the two weeks you can still do this challenge. You can go and park on the side of the road, or stay at a camp ground a few nights and then go into work each day! That makes it more fun! If you have a gym membership you might like to go to the gym and have a quick shower before you go to work! Thats allowed. But you can not go and join a gym just for the benefit of having a shower as that has to come out of your $200 budget. YOU must already be a member of a gym! If you are travelling to work you can not go above your $200! So, that money then has to cover your train, bus, ferry and car fares to and from work as well! Thats a bigger challenge! IF you think I will do this challenge while working just remember that $200 has to cover your travelling to and from work, your lunches, your dinners, your car fuel, your camping etc. Then you have to think where will I park my car and sleep after work? If you work in a city, many cities don’t allow parking for free or allow car camping either! If your office has showers then you can use that office shower in the morning. You can travel anywhere you wish as long as you are living in your car! You can NOT shower at a friends, families place etc. The whole point of the challenge is to see how well you cope with living in a car for two whole weeks. If your on holidays, or your work office doesn’t come complete with showers, then might like to shower at the local park (many free beaches and parks have indoor showers), the beach or take a camping outdoor shower and use that before going out sightseeing or to work! If there are showers at your camp site you can use those providing you are sleeping in your tent next to your car or in the car! With $200 you won’t be able to afford many camping sites anyway!

Enjoy your challenge! Use the money carefully because in Australia and western countries that money doesn’t go far at all! It might sound like you have heaps of money, but no you don’t. IF you pay for camping it costs anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred dollars nightly. If you are parking in the bush then how will you get into the city to go to work? If you are not working then you can stay in the bushland for the two weeks and camp maybe? Make your car living adventure into a big bush camping trip and save yourself money! If you are parking on the side of the road, where will you cook? Where will you shower etc? You have to afford the fuel to get to the bush and have food to eat.

At the end of the two weeks you can go back home and hopefully feel so lucky to have your home to live in! Many people don’t get the luxury of living in a house! If you have any money left please donate that money to your favourite charity.

Enjoy your car camping two week challenge! If you need further information email us at blabzone!

You can share your photos on any social media or here in the comments!

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