How to make money

Are you suffering from financial hardship? Are you struggling to find ways to make money? You don’t have a job? You are a student? Or you are an entrepreneur who is not making money yet? Here is a list showing you some ideas for how to make money. Some of these are instant money making options too! So if you are struggling then you will get money right now! With other money making options you will have to wait till you see the money and it could be weeks, days etc. This article isn’t NEW or unique, but it is an honest and helpful article to help you make some money!

How to make money!

  1. Find and take a paid job doing something you are trained in and an area you want to work in,
  2. Take out your superannuation if you have access to any,
  3. Do online freelancer gigs (i.e. Fiverr, freelancer etc.)
  4. Sell your things on Ebay, Etsy and other platforms,
  5. Do online surveys, usability testing, and music reviews,
  6. Invest in stocks and shares,
  7. Start an online business,
  8. Create courses online and be a trainer, tutor, and educational provider,
  9. Write books to sell. Write a novel or a non-fiction book,
  10. Start a drop ship business,
  11. Start your own blog, get lots of views and use google adverts,
  12. Start a YouTube channel or other social media page,
  13. Become an online gamer,
  14. Play music, paint, draw, sew, knit for others,
  15. Start a Patroen page (or other platform) and get supportive patrons who will pay you to have your creative career,
  16. Deliver food, drive people around if you have a car working for Uber or related,
  17. Utilize any government assistance, and
  18. Seek help from charities and free food banks.

This list does not cover everything you can do, but it’s a start. We have personally done many of these on the list here at Blabzone. They don’t make you millions, but they help you financially when you are struggling. As one example, we do online surveys, and that includes focus groups and online usability testing, to make a little bit of money anywhere from $20AUD to $200AUD per week to help pay for food and petrol. You can earn money to deposit into your PayPal account or get gift cards. If you have access to the web, a phone, laptop, computer or tablet you can register to do online surveys and make a little bit of money from it. You are helping the market research companies and also making a little money in the process. Don’t think that if you sit at home doing surveys you can earn heaps because you only earn a little amount, BUT it helps!

Survey Sites

Here are some survey sites to choose from and these ones pay!

We did surveys on these sites to get a $20 petrol gift card that paid for fuel, so we didn’t have to worry about where on earth we were getting any money! We paid for a lot with gift cards, including books, movies, food and a iTunes music subscription. It was great. We really recommend people do online surveys even if they have money, because you never know when you’re going to need those gift cards, vouchers and PayPal earnings!

There are hundreds of ways to make money depending on your talents, where you are living and how much money you have to start! If you have a computer or laptop, you can start your own YouTube channel, blog, business website, online training, or even an online shop. If you’re an artist or a writer, you can film yourself painting, making your products, writing, playing music or whatever skill you wish and upload it onto YouTube and then sell your products i.e. your music, your pictures, or knitting. Pick something you love doing and go and do it and sell your products. You will get to do what you enjoy doing and make money! Note: Not everyone makes money from doing this, and not everyone will become famous, or a millionaire from their videos! However, you might! Go and do this while you are also doing other things and then IF your YouTube gets you followers you can use it and do it to make money.

Finding Work

Go and find a job and be get paid to do what you are skilled and enjoy. If you are skilled in an industry find a job in that industry! It’s important to find a job that you enjoy, otherwise you will spend your day in an office miserable, and spend time waiting for the end of the day instead of doing the job! If you need a job urgently so you have money to live, start by finding any job. If you end up hating that job, then leave and find another job! Go and take any job so you have some money to pay your rent, bills etc. Even if that job is something that you feel overqualified for. As an example, you are a skilled and experienced university educated person and you get offered an entry level job filling documents or in retail, still take it. You might love or hate the job, but while you are hired in that job at least you have some money coming in to pay your bills and are slowly pulling yourself out of your financial hardship! This list of ideas is especially for those who are really really struggling!

If you are university educated you can go and do a PHD and win a scholarship place! That will allow you to do the research you love and have some financial help. If you don’t have any skills in any industry or you want to change industries use the time you don’t have a job to go and do a degree or trade qualification, so you can go get a job in that new industry!

If you have suffered and had your career damaged or downgraded, you can use this time to go and start a new career in a new industry! Go to uni and do something else! Or do a traineeship in something else. Start a job in another sector.  Go learn about something interesting and new. Do online courses, a short course, TAFE or a uni degree! Don’t let others decide that new career. Go and do something YOU want to do and you love. If you have always wanted to be a historian then go study history. If you have wanted to go be tradie then go learn how to fix things! You can use the above list to earn and study! Don’t sit there feeling like your life is going backwards, go and do something! While your studying you can get study assistance!

Selling your things!

You can go and sell your products online. If you make any products you can sell them. You can also find your own things that you don’t need or want anymore and sell them second hand online on Ebay, Facebook, at a garage sale or the markets. You don’t make a lot of money unless you have valuable things to sell, but it helps. It helps dig you out of poverty. For example, you are so poor and need money to buy petrol or food for the day and you have some lego, books, jewellery, spare tech, collectables etc. and you don’t want them, then go and sell them. It helps clean up your home. It’s like a new beginning having less things! It makes you think of what you need in your life and what you don’t need. Do you need all that clutter? Do you need hundreds of computers or clothes in your house? Do you need to have that many things? If not sell them. The more you can sell the more money you get and the less clutter you have in your house. Go and do a massive review of what you think you need, what is important, what isn’t important and so forth. Don’t wait till you move house, go live in a van or decide to travel BEFORE you go sell your things. DO IT NOW.

You can also open a drop shipping store. There are many people who do. If you think this is something you would like to try, then try it. Even if you fail, try it. Oberlo is one drop shipping website and many people have videos and blogs on the topic! Go and try things that interest YOU!

Emergency funds / assistance!

If you have reached the point where you need assistance because you have no job, no successful money-making activities from the above list or others not mentioned, then don’t be ashamed taking out some of your retirement savings from super or accessing government assistance. If you can, take out unemployment benefits until you find a job and start earning money again. Don’t feel bad about seeking assistance. Even ask others around you, including family and friends, for a loan or a place to live for a while. It’s good to also seek help from charities if needed.

If your in a place where you can grow and forage for food then you can do that! If you can go share things with others do that! This list is completely dependant on your location, your financial hardship levels, and what you can do! So if you are not already – go and do some of the tasks on this list!

We hope this list is helpful!

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